About Mogador™ cosmetics product line

Certified Argan Moroccan oil Mogador™ cosmetics product line from Israel - www.arganoilsite.com

Mogador™ cosmetics line is manufactured by Chic Cosmetics Industries LTD.
Founded in 1987, the company one of Israel’s leading cosmetic manufacturers. In addition to ECOCERT, GMP ISO 22716:2007, and ISO 9001:2008 certificates, company also carries Quality Mark for Dead Sea Products industry quality certificate.

Extensive research has led to the creation of Mogador™ cosmetics line, an exciting, innovative new product range created exclusively for problem hair and scalp. Formulated with superlative active ingredients in concentrations that specifically answer hair needs, products are based on unique JAS Organic Complex™ that contains genuine Organic Moroccan Argan Oil produced according to traditional customs and treasured for centuries for its unique health and beauty properties.

Also included, organic Shea Butter, grown in Africa and traditionally an essential part of hair care and body rituals. Organic Jojoba Oil is another remarkable component - utilized historically in Mexico and Central America, and valued universally for its close resemblance to human sebum, it has powerful moisturizing properties that help texturize hair and scalp.

The result is a nourishing synthesis that makes hair glossy, soft and flexible while protecting the scalp and leaving hair looking wonderfully healthy and natural.

All Mogador™ line cosmetic products are SLS, SLES and Paraben free.

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